KASSANDA CHILDREN’S AID (KCA) was formed by a group of Christian Women with an aim of providing care & support to Vulnerable Children, and their caregivers/Women and youth in Kassanda Districts. There are many toddlers who are hard-up, going without basic needs of life and suffering from difficult ailments such as hydrocephalus, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS and sickle cells. Some of these children come from poor families which cannot ably acquire the least basic necessities of life. This is a pathetic situation which requires an agent intervention.


  1. To provide psychological guidance, medical care, housing,love, fellowhip and hope to children who are traumatized,stigmatized or suffering from serious ailmentslike HIV/AIDS, Chronic malaria, Hydrocephalus, epilepsy, sicle cells among others.
  2. To strengthen and build the capacity of Gender Based Violence (GBV) coalitions and groups on GBV prevention and response.
  3. To set up children’s home in the District with a purpose of providing care and suppott to homeless children, neglectediabandoned, malnourished and those in need of special care,
  4. To increase opportunities for vulnerable school going age children to attend nursery/ primary, and vocational schools education to enable them attain basic education and skills for future self-sustainability.
  5. To liaise with Policy makers, law enforcers and the Community to protect children’s and Women’s rights.
  6. To set up a strong governance and management system to ensure effective direction, a strong sustainable and technical resource base to achieve our Mission.
  7. To Affiliate or confer with national and international children hospitals and organizations with a purpose of providing better health services to children with serious ailments


  • (i) Volunteering
  • (ii) Innovation
  • (iii) Community participation/ involvement.
  • (iv) Commitment.
  • (v) Bringing impact.
  • (vi) Collaboration.
  • (vii) Knowledge/making research.
  • (viii) Integrity/ honesty and responsible leadership.


VISION: To create a healthy and productive society for a brighter future.

MISSIONA society that enables children to realize their full potentials and become responsible citizens.