KASSANDA CHILDREN’S AID (KCA) was founded in 2012 as a nonprofit organization, operating in Kassanda District in Central Uganda. It was officially launched in 2014 by a Canadian volunteer, Miss Bonnie with an aim of providing care & support to Vulnerable Children, and their caregivers/Women and youth in Kassanda District of Uganda.

It is officially registered at the District level and has obtained certificates of operation. It is recognized and used by the local government to carry out humanitarian work for Kassanda and its surrounding hard-to-reach rural areas. It operates under the laws of Uganda governing non-government organizations, as a community-based organization. KCA is governed by its management constituting the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Patron and five (5) executive members. Our goal is to carry out activities toward achievements in health, poverty eradication, spiritual and other holistic needs of vulnerable groups like Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), care for the elderly and People with Disabilities (PWDs), and to help feed the hungry. Within all these groups, there are many challenges which need to be addressed in order to equate their living with that of other people in our community. Some of those challenges are: social exclusion, discrimination, limited access to healthcare, limited access to quality education and in many cases domestic and child abuse. Also, at the death of a single parent or both parents, especially due to HIV/AIDS, orphans are often times faced with discrimination among the family, inequality, evictions from their home or land, and have financial constraints limiting their chance to attain education and other social services. Women face hardships to take care of their children when a spouse or caregiver passes away. The elderly and people with disabilities need exceptional care because of their distinctive needs, especially regarding healthcare. Because of inadequate intervention, many of these people are living in poverty-stricken situations, which Kassanda Children’s Aid has vowed and dared to address.


  1. To provide psychological guidance, food and housing medical care, love, fellowship, education and hope to children who are traumatized, stigmatized or suffering from serious illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS, Chronic malaria, Hydrocephalus, epilepsy, sickle cell anemia, among so many others illnesses;
  2. To strengthen and build the capacity of Gender Based Violence (GBV) coalitions and groups on GBV prevention and response;
  3. To build and/or set up children’s homes in the District with a purpose of providing care and support to homeless children, neglected abandoned, malnourished and those in need of special care;
  4. To increase opportunities for vulnerable school-age children to attend nursery, primary and vocational schools, so as to enable them to attain a basic education and skills for future self-sustainability;
  5. To liaise with Policy makers, law enforcers and the Community to protect children and women’s rights;
  6. To set up a strong governance management system that will ensure effective direction, along with a strong sustainable and technical resource base to achieve our Mission;
  7. To affiliate or confer with national and international children’s hospitals and organizations with a purpose of providing better healthcare services to children with serious illnesses.


  • (i) Volunteering
  • (ii) Innovation
  • (iii) Community participation and involvement
  • (iv) Commitment
  • (v) Bringing impact
  • (vi) Collaboration
  • (vii) Knowledge making research
  • (viii) Integrity, honesty and responsible leadership

VISION: To create a healthy and productive society that will lead to a brighter future for the children of Uganda.

MISSION: A society that enables children to realize their full potential and become responsible citizens.