The Child Born Armless: Didas

Didas is 2 years old
He was born without arms and his one leg is crippled. He lives with his Mother at Kyoto Village Mbiriizi sub-county. His mother came to Kassanda District seeking help and the District officials referred her to Kassanda Children’s Aid.

When she came to us she told us the following: they live in a very bad situation of no basic needs to use, on addition to that diseases and sickness her husband and the father of the son is down suffering from kidney problem and he does not work. His mother who used to do causal labor for her family survival is no longer working because she has to stay at home to care for her baby. They rent a small house in Kyoto town but they find it difficult to get money for the rent and other basic needs.  Didas has four other brothers & two sisters. Didas needs to be supported with a wheelchair, food support, and medication.

Can you support KCA in this effort?

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