What is Child sponsor Program?

Child sponsor program (CSP) is a program under Kassanda Children’s Aid , established in Jan 2016, with the sole objective of Improving home LIFE and sponsoring kids that are LESS fortunate, most of whom ARE OVCs or destitute.

CSP WAS started by the founders of KCA.  Two years, Back Bonnie Cockrum   (Advisory Principal  KCA)  donated Money to KCA  we inviting vulnerable households in one place for a meal, on Charismas Day which is on 25/Dec every year thus  many of the families who gathered for the party they so vulnerable,  with our tool the KCA coordinator  selected the most vulnerable Children to be put under Child Sponsor Program, Still Bonnie and Megan L.Hewison  they continued to Mobilize funds  by setting up fundraisings.  We shared this story with our longtime friends and supporters in the USA, Patsy Burns (Director) from Texas, and Virginia Louderback-Godel  of Colville, Washington they agreed to join us in the same effort. We are still continuing to share this hope and belief with many friends and supporters around the world whoM we hope will be able to join hands together and give education sponsorship to THESE children. Due to an increased number of vulnerable children coming to our office for education support, KCA as a team decided to start ‘’Child sponsor Program –CSP.’’  KCA hopes to kick off CSP with a total of 160 vulnerable children from hard to reach sub counties of Kassanda, Bukuya and Kalwana.  CSP day-to-day activities are managed by a group of one Staff and TWO Volunteers  plus Community Based Volunteers.

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